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It matters.

The food we eat: where it comes from and how it lived before we ate it. Delaying gratification today for a healthier, saner tomorrow. Which diet to follow; how closely to follow it. An exercise plan with the right balance of cardio and strength; breaking down lazy habits to build up bone and muscle so we are not hunched when we are old. Which 401(k) plan to invest in. A credit card with the best APR. Voting right with our few dollars.

It matters, too, the pink sunset through bare suburban trees. Watching the mermaid girl eat too much junk food on Halloween and telling her to pass the bag. A peach that is just a peach, removed of its history and politics and biochemical effects, perfect in its taste and presence. Accidental naps that make you miss a deadline. A walk that is just a walk, and the joy of moving your legs and the fact that they can move. Missing the big picture at the stage version of The Lion King because you are in love with the stilt giraffes.

How lovely it would be to have a recommended daily allowance of wonder. Can we furrow our brows at our loved ones and ask with great concern, “When was the last time you were silly?” Each citizen should be issued a comfy chair from which to lazily sip perfect jasmine tea in afternoon sunlight. We would not forget the future and our health and money and responsibility; we would be responsible to ourselves in another, additional way: honoring our duty to watch, to listen, to breathe, to love, to be.



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