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Back to Mom & Dad’s. Hilarious shopgirl attempt. Big box bookstore (beautiful). California whirlwind. First publishing job. Stet? Delete? Learning as I go.

“I can’t come to my life right now; busy working on a very important project—” until, while I’m in Portland, Mom’s heart attack.

First noncollege apartment! (Oak Park.) Germany/Spain adventures. A boy who says his heart is “a frozen block of ice”; another whose is secretly snakelike.

Quit my job; choose “love” over Sarah Lawrence (bad move); get a better job. Move in together against my beliefs. He barely helps me move.

Some numb months, ignoring friends, drowning in denial of truth and self. Two blessed breakups; the second sticks. Gained: great roommate, Lincoln Square love, a life.

Happy Thanksgiving: in February you’ll be laid off! Quick rebound into marketing. June: Grandpa dies; soon after I meet a curly-haired LOST fan at a layoff-related party…

Kansas Christmas with LOST boy; feels like family. In May we shack up, but I believe in it this time. A new job in June; everything is bettered.

Belated birthday present on the beach: diamonds. A whirlwind of planning alongside more work at work. July 22, amid the abundant love of our best friends, we say yes.


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numbers (1): again

(this is a repost from 9/13/10 in advance of its sequel today)


Little Rabbit

Learned to read

First crush, two boys

Kindergarten + Days of Our Lives

Young Authors, losing teeth, construction paper

Brownies is the coolest except for BSC

Teacher rides a motorcycle & teaches me to write

Spelling bee finalist, fouled up on “roommate”: two ems

Obsessed with My Girl; want to be a movie star

I am the second-tallest girl with the biggest chest (neither lasts)

Lightning happens. Megan is gone, not me; will never not miss her.

Theater, my Italian second family, my first gay boyfriend, lots of locker notes.

Wrong high school; making the homecoming float in my garage; wishing I were “alternative.”

Second year of epic three-year crush; most of my friends are actors; thrift stores & disco.

Second Music Man, first short haircut/prom/boyfriend/group of non-theater friends. I’m square; they’re not.

Skip Shakespeare for prom; wrong choice. “Theater major? Hahahahaha.” In over my head & in two different worlds.

UIUC, because my brothers did. Breakup in the Union. Sorority girl roommate. Sketch comedy lovefest & PDP theater company.

Directing & writing & acting & producing. Splitting time: quad in nerd dorm/fake shacking up. Gracie born. Library love. Mono: F*@k!

Towers fall, lose my sh*t, drop out, teach rugrats, ride motorcycle. Grandma dies during Bye Bye Birdie (not while performing).

Best friends & roommates in the world. Crazy outfit pancake breakfast. More library. Dancing with fruit. Graduating (miracle!). Packing up. Driving away.

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